About - Living Firme

We work with local artists and business to bring cultural positivity to as many corners of the earth as possible! 

Living Firme is a lifestyle brand that is fueled by the desire to unify community, stimulate economy and celebrate culture. We are a small business, literally started by a couple of homegirls dedicated to doing good in the hood. As an event production company, we specialize in urban pop-ups that mashup swap meets, crafts fairs and old school house parties. We host business networking and empowerment workshops that support the Latinx community. Of course we have a tiendita. We sell locally sourced, branded items like t-shirts, baseball caps and tote bags. We work hard, love what we do and truly believe there is always enough of what's good, to go around.

In the early 90’s, Angel Aviles followed her brother, from New York City to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Angel's work included projects by Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Michael Patrick King, and more. But it is her role as Sadgirl in the Allison Anders, girl gang classic, “Mi Vida Loca,” that she’s most recognized for. Over the course of 25 years, Angel had a family, studied production and marketing, worked for a variety of high-profile clients, battled anxiety and ultimately began a journey of wellness and self-discovery.

Today, Angel is the proud co-owner of Living Firme. Angel further obeys her calling by working as a creative marketing manager, a motivational speaker and, a life coach. She travels the world but can be regularly found online chatting with fans. Her message is always simple. "Master your mind and live your life's purpose.”

Cynthia Carranza (aka Sparkles)  grew up in Hacienda Heights, CA. As early as she can remember, Sparkles was intrigued by what would seem like two polar opposite human experiences. Adversity as it applied to urban culture she grew up in and… Couture fashion. After high school, Sparkles pursued her education in Merchandising and Business at FIDM. Over the course of her career, she has worked in retail management as well as office management but it was in her “side hustle” of selling jewelry, that she felt most alive. Her natural intuition for fashion forecasting, in combination with her ability to deeply connect with the women she’d meet just outside of their downtown offices, earned her the nickname "Sparkles."

Sparkles' side gig funded her other passion, community outreach. Her ‘make it happen’ personality often resulted in her leading the charge in organizing and fundraising everything from small events to well-known outreach programs. It was at an event to hydrate the homeless that “Sparkles” and “Sadgirl” met. While, she had no experience in talent management, Sparkles obliged Sadgirl’s plea to handle her meet and greet event requests. Her organizational skills, temperament and, merchandising skills exceeded Angel’s expectations and Living Firme was born.

Today, Sparkles manages talent (actors, musicians and, fine artists) and is the primary coordinator of logistics for the Living Firme events that take place across the country. She is still a passionate advocate for her community and you can still find her picking up her couture zines for just an extra little hint of inspiration.

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