End of Year SALE on Specialty Chola T-shirts

End of Year SALE on Specialty Chola T-shirts


All our Chola T-shirts are collaborations with the artists and vendors we love and we proudly print in close to home in Southern California.

We have the following items in stock and ON SALE:

Yoga Chola- We have had the privilege of incorporating yoga into some of our workshops and have found that most people who have not tried it, actually end up loving it. Our brand doesn't focus on the end result, we are not concerned with previously established norms of beauty. We recognize the beauty that has surrounded us all along and we celebrate it. We encourage all our friends and fans to embrace movement and self care as a more than a trend but as a way of honoring the beauty that exists within us all. Never underestimate the power of purpose!

Channel Chola! To “Channel” as in a course into which something can be directed or moved: a new channel of thought. When you can channel the toughness, the boldness, the fierceness of a chola... you are working with some powerful energy. Harness that energy and make something AMAZING happen. We are so blessed to have created Living Firme as a way of self expression through fashion AND as a brand that represents embracing all that we are and all that we can be!

Moving Adelante is an affirmation for us at Living Firme. Adelante means to go forward into the future. Adelante is also a way to grant a person permission to enter or move ahead. We wanted everyone who wore these words to give themselves permission to enter... maybe into a new day or even a new life! We are giving ourselves permission to move forward, to conquer fears and any obstacles from our past. We are giving ourselves the permission to be EXACTLY what we were created to be. FABULOUS! And we want the same for every one of you.

White ink printed and the occasional limited releases of metallic ink on black cotton blend t-shirts (these make wonderful gifts or offer up a cute way to add some bling to your Chola Glam). Please note that the foil shirts require special care to keep them looking firme. Hand wash and lay flat to dry.


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