Chola T-shirt of the Month

Chola T-shirt of the Month


Thank you for joining is on our journey and also for sharing yours. We appreciate YOU! We'll do a special run of Chola T-shirts every few months.

This run features our newest addition of:

Be Authèntica
adjective : Be true to your own personality, spirit, or character.

We get it. We live in a world where we want acceptance, we want to belong. It's easy to get lost. It's easy to get busy and not devote enough time to remembering who we TRULY are. This shirt serves as a reminder to pay homage to our ancestors as well as to remember that we came here with a purpose. We came to be the very best version of our authentic selves. It may not be what everyone loves, likes, appreciates or agrees with, but it is genuine and real. And in that space, we can be at peace.

White ink printed and the occasional limited releases of metallic ink on black cotton blend t-shirts (these make wonderful gifts or offer up a cute way to add some bling to your Chola Glam). Please note that the foil shirts require special care to keep them looking firme. Hand wash and lay flat to dry.


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