Handpoured Essential Oil Candles Made in L.A.

Handpoured Essential Oil Candles Made in L.A.


All Natural. Hand Poured. Double Scented. Premium Soy Veggie Candles. Made in Los Angeles by Angie Rodriguez of Angel City Aroma

Not only pleasing your atmosphere, but we also believe that being good to the environment is extremely important.

Our Candles are all natural and ecofriendly. They burn cleaner and are non-toxic.

Let us bring the ambiance for your intended journey.

Kinda Classy Kinda Chola
We had to make this one as close to edible as possible. Why? Because if you know how many people talk mess about cholas all while secretly wanting to have one...

Well (wink*) we know! The fruity smell of fresh cut pink melon creates a mouthwatering candle that smells absolutely delicious!

This candle Brings the power of Sage & Lavender into your space.

Sage is a potent plant, used to “cleanse” a space or environment from negative energy, generate wisdom and clarity, and promote healing. Lavender brings in the element of calm. The scent is slightly spicy and 100 relaxing.

The days are long, sometimes the fight to balance everything in our lives feels overwhelming. That's why we created this. There is a sweetness to this one...

Apples, jasmine vanilla and peach combine together as a way to bring back the sweetness into your life.

100% natural vegetable wax
cotton & hemp wick

Legal imprint