Coffee and Homegirl Mug Set

Coffee and Homegirl Mug Set

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Our Best Selling Homegirl Mug and Two Ten Cup Samples. Already have the mug? You can purchase the coffee alone HERE.

This coffee collaboration is with Native American owned and operated small batch coffee roastery, Spirit Mountain Roasting Co.

La Colombiana is an exceptional dark roast coffee produced in a diversified farm where coffee is cultivated alongside other crops such as plantain, sugar cane, and other trees that provide consistent shade. Doña Melva, her husband and two
daughters dedicate their time and passion to the production of this special

La Chapina is from Huehuetenango, a renowned coffee-growing region in western Guatemala. 80% of this coffee is grown by indigenous women producers in Cuchumatan, the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America. Deep caramelized sugars and milk chocolate form the backbones of these coffees, accented by sweet floral notes on the nose.